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Just one message, I think that’s all we have to say. But it’s difficult to convey because of the noise coming from ourselves and from other people who have their own messages.

Authentic – that’s all I want to be and to see. Sometimes, I have the urges to talk about so many things (to later realize they’re not relevant). Sometimes I want to window-dress and even bother about SEO! Thanks to wordpress, they don’t allow you to do that.

Just one message. I think there’s really just one message, and we’ve all embarked to knowing-finding that.

get stripped, get naked

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication – da vinci

I once asked – how do we simplify things? Is it in taking things as they are? Could be. But it looks like most things are already not as they really are. I propose that we go through the complexity, the mazes and crack our heads. To find the core, simplicity of things — things and people that deeply matter to us.