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“What do you want to discover in life?” Aziel didn’t quite know how to answer this.

“What if you have 1 month to live. Would you change your life’s direction?” She said “Yeah!”

I said, “Then you’re not in the right direction… what would you do?”

“I’m gonna travel.”

“How would you finance that?”

We figured out that it wasn’t traveling that she wanted — she didn’t want to be a traveler, moving from one place to another. She wanted the capacity to travel; she wanted traveling as a reward of that something.

That something. 

Aziel Anne Chua - Day 0

Aziel Anne Chua - Day 0

So to make things more realistic, we made it 5 months. This day marks day 0. 

She will write down everything that something could possibly be (which she’s hopefully doing as I write). This phase we call name-it-ology.

Writing down one’s dreams, naming the things that don’t make sense, yet.

And in the next 5 months, she will live her life with death in mind. What would Aziel do? How will it change her life? Will she find that something? Let’s find out on December 27, 2011.

Aziel Anne Chua, Providence University Taichung Taiwan

aziel anne chua: Is that it?

Since I already publicized this, there’s no escaping the deal. Coz in real life, there’s no escaping death.