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Not. — at least for Helen. I’ve never heard her complain about readings filling up her room, studying from noon to around 6 pm, sitting in class until 9, getting home at 10, studying until 1am, missing out on all our side trips, and not even having the time to upload photos.

How can people be in the process of their dream’s fulfillment and feel burdened by it?

helen graido nation builder

Helen cooks for us;Helen builds the nation

“Law school is my non-negotiable. Even if I’d be the only student left, I’d still go to class and take what wisdom my prof could give me.”

She’s my image of silence in passion, and she’s always thankful for having found the drive. Helen will redefine what it is to be in law school, more so what it is to be a lawyer.

soul in Ateneo law school Philippines

Helen: to bring back soul in law school

I think law schools should only accept students who support themselves. So that only those authentically driven will push through.