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There were 6 consecutive years that I cried only once a year. I was in search for the movie that could make me cry, then I saw I am Sam.

I was wondering why people wouldn’t give the gift of touch. Trech said people are scared to touch me and turn into ice, I was the coldest person she knew. She said I never expressed pure raw organic unprocessed emotion. Contrary to my belief. So some time last year, I decided to be more sensitive and embrace “girliness.”

Today I saw again this Pantene Commercial, posted by Rick Passo. I cried exactly the way I curled up in bed last Christmas, on my birthday, while watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. A beloved had just departed.

Watch it again, and feel your soul move… 

This is for all the broken souls, the souls that have been forgotten.

For the young butterflies freed by love.

For all the dreams that are just waiting to be re-awakened. 

If this spoke to you, there’s no reason why you cannot shine.