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Trech’s creativity mantra is “Follow the Rules. Then Break Them.” This is the only way you can get around laws and get away with your (mis)adventures. This is also mindful innovation – building on things that are already at hand. Creators who don’t look at what’s working well, fail. Look into the rules. Then break them. 

To have order, humans created laws. Then created a profession called “lawyering” to swing around the loops. That’s how bored we are. We make things, to move around them.

Temporary peace, intermediate freedom

getting around the maze

In high school, when I was reprimanded for having 3 pairs of earrings, playing cards during break, and not following CAT rules, I simply asked for rule books and policies. I found confidence in being protected by the very laws that might have otherwise constrained me, simply by being smart and snob about it.

I know you, I’m superior to you. This can be a source of temporary peace.

A lot of people develop really good skills at lying ; others surround themselves with brands to appear intimidating (power clothes?); some get smart and strong friends to defend and cover for them; a few utilize family names and connections; a few more rely on good looks and sex appeal; some resort to bribery (from as obvious as money to as trivial as good grades); some master the art of manipulation; and some develop a lawyer mind.

Looking at a bigger picture, the structure we get around with is just one among many. Why would you even want to be in any of those?

No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it. – Einstein

If we’re really serious about our lives, happiness and world peace, perhaps there’s a more meaningful way to live. The people who inspire us about “changing the world” did not subtly consent to their status quo. Don’t worry, we won’t go into How to Change the World! lol

Intermediate freedom is getting around the structures that try to dominate and rule your life. 

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