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Well there’s not really an official launching, but Hey Artist! Kalsada Galeria is up! (kalsada, in Filipino means Street and galeria is Spanish for gallery — the combination just sounds smart around here haha)

And what’s more, we have a second house to paint! For a birthday yet again.. It’s just so nice how others’ birthday wishes are making this dream come true. And if you want to join us painting and you’re around the area marked on the map, let me know!

It might take more than a month to finish this one as the artists can work only in weekends and the big day will be late November. Stick with us! 😀 Btw, we just saw “outsiders” taking pictures with our owl.

And for some let’s-make-it-sound-even-smarter (and pretend that these are not all coincidental)

Why gates and walls? Because that’s the public-private boundary. It’s private art for public viewing. It’s the household’s personality. It will be the householders’ and their neighbor’s work, especially the kids. Because it will make walking more inspiring. Because it’s only the opening of minds to creativity, that we need not be just plain and flat. Long after the artists are gone, young minds will be reminded to continue creating.