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how not to regret

How not to regret

When I was 18, I ran for the chairmanship of SK (a youth government for the smallest unit of society). I didn’t have money, machinery and all the M’s of politics. I just knew that I wanted to run. Classmates from elementary and high school (though I hadn’t seen most of them for years) joined me in going from house to house, giving away flyers, carrying huge tarpaulins with my face on… all embarrassing things! We were kids trying to do all the best we can. I was even happier when Rachael was there not merely because we’re friends, but because she believed that I can do something.  Still, it was a sure loss. 

But I knew that I would hate my young self in the future had I not done it. I guess this future-orientation has allowed me to live in the present, to understand that whatever was present would eventually pass. I only wanted to reminisce a movie-like life story.

Always make the strengthening decision. This may not be the decision for the leap in your career, relationship, nor your academic progress. But training yourself to act as you believe decreases the power of fear over you.

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