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“I want to see you human, with emotions. Coz you’re always just ok.” The same thing that Trech calls unprocessed, raw, pure emotion. “I wish you’d find your match, someone to tell that you’re just this, you know, that you’re not higher than anyone.”

Aby doesn’t exactly believe that I’m suffering from some kind of superiority complex. I guess she was saying something deeply important.

We all have biases, prejudices and preconceptions. These are necessary for human survival (black man, jock, insurance agent, tattoos, salesmen, red high heels, dyed hair, thick glasses, cheerleader). This is my human templating. Profiling people and putting them in their rightful template. This reduces the element of surprise to the minimum and allows for smooth interaction (knowing what each wants to hear and how they react).

Not that I don’t believe in the good in every one. In fact, I do. I’m a believer of that precious moment when people step out of the template and become a true special person (read Jung: quick, complete). I love surprise.

Human Template

Unstirred Emotions

I want unpredictable. Will is unpredictable. Consciousness is unpredictable. Truth is unpredictable. Soul is unpredictable.