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Since high school, I was never a fan of courtship. Just a quick background, in my language, courtship is panli-ligaw (making ligaw). Ligaw in another context means being lost, mislead, or in some graver context, it is used as being astray from the path of good life.

Best foot forward. Disclaimer: I think I have to ask forgiveness first to the person involved in this post. This is not really about you, or what happened. I hope you can see through it all. Thank you, for everything! (and the title is of course, for readership purposes haha) 

This is a sequel to Love, A Temporary Relief.

I don’t have to go through the rules of dating. Actually here’s a blog that is dedicated to that. And maybe you’d like to watch the movie He’s Just Not That Into You.

Anyway, I decided to give dating a chance. You know, going out with someone “just to see,” and not really because you want to see that person.

The so-called rule: If you hold a girl’s hand and she doesn’t take it back, she’s yours. If she does, then she’s not.

I just like messing up with rules. I find great satisfaction when I break rules and prove someone that these only exist in his head. For me this is a moment of grace to anyone.

So how about taking my hand back, and not taking it back, alternatively? It helps me see through people — Who’s subjecting me to his rules and who’s open and vulnerable enough to just see through me.It’s such a hassle when someone escapes our templates; but if we really like/want that person, we will exercise patience so that she can unfold and be seen in her own light. Not through the light of our projections, conventions, stereotypes, templates, expectations, desires, assumptions, preference, convenience…

see through

remember to look through, see through

What rule did your sweetheart break? 

Stay tuned for Perversions in Bed