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“It’s part of being boyfriend-girlfriend. Don’t you love me? You have to prove it. Don’t worry I’ll take care of you. Not ready, please that’s BS. You’re boring.” 

All these I’ve heard on local tv, radio, Hollywood movies; and it’s sad how young girls (mainly) brush it off as if it’s not important. “He just raped me in the car. He said I shouldn’t act as if I don’t like it. Why went there in the first place.” That’s a friend’s friend casually talking about her boyfriend. One boy even told me that going to a boy’s apartment means only one thing, more so spending the night there.

You're Sold

You're Sold

About 3 years ago I was amazed that it’s possible to just lie in bed and have a good conversation. Being ultra young, I was scared to even go there to just “watch a movie.” Really, how can you tell someone that you just want to spend time with him to know him? How can you tell that someone wants the same? How can you trust someone in going into the dark only to find that you’ve been sold?

I think most girls only see what they want to believe (me included, on some occasions). It’s such a nice world to only have to deal with Prince Charming, which according to Wikipedia, is more of a reward than a character. When we get too short-sighted about rewards of a happy-ever-after ending, we miss things that get us raped. It’s our responsibility to sort good fruits from bad fruits, to protect the stomach, to protect the soul.

I’m not being hypocrite here, hormones were there. He would tell me what he wanted, his frustrations and even provoke (which, I didn’t quite understand at that time, weird I know). I knew something was happening to my body, in my body, something I was scared of because I couldn’t understand what was going on.

All I’m saying is that a good man can tell what you want, what you understand, and what you’re forced to do. Had he not given that kind of respect, I don’t know if I can look back and feel gratitude for what had been.

Signal, expectation, what more can I say.