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I’ve recently come back from Cebu to spend some time with my parents, before finally living a parentless life. I’m not really alone and this is not the first time, but adult life is dawning on me

I’ve been on vacation-mode practically for several months now, pretending to be a freelancer (ooooops, employers might see this!). But seriously, life has been difficult since I quit Organika. Not because it’s too challenging, but because it’s empty. Life seemed to have meaning then.

around berlin germany, cash only

girl in berlin (photos by: Trech Ras)

Trech is also now in Germany, taking pictures around town (which means I’m almost friendless and feeling left behind). We dreamed together that we would go to Europe, it’s amazing that it’s now true for her!

I remember our conversation about parenthood and self-esteem. She said, “There are two ways of raising a child. On one end is mine, and on the other end is yours.” One gets amazing confidence, feels that she deserves the best, that she’s special and loved by the universe. The other kid wonders why somebody would love her, choose her, and think that she has to work for everything she’d have.

What’s the better way of raising a child? One may be glowing with confidence, but she may be easily broken. One may be doubtful, but she may become very strong, very creative. What’s the better way of raising a child? They will both face challenges that will make them cry. Their limits, only they will know.

However we may be raised, or however we may have raised our children, I guess we just have to remember that this is our life story and no one can tell us if it’s going the wrong way. Just keep moving.