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I’m kind of in an Ooops I did it again situation, but not really. Maybe if I didn’t learn from a young boy who broke a bit of my heart. The thing about mistakes is you should not do them twice. Yet most of the time when sweet mistakes are blossoming, we turn off our discernment antenna and use the tip of our tongue. It may be the same situation, but the ending is worth more than the big picture sometimes, is it not?

I don’t know where men have gotten the idea that men are excused for inexcusable behavior. “I’m a man, you know.” Worse I guess is, “I’m just a man,” pertaining not to the human species but to male hormones, as if they are infested with some kind of inborn disease.

What’s more, a guy might tell you, “You know what? I’m a good guy. If I wasn’t, I would have taken advantage of you.” For me, there’s not a significant difference between a man’s belief system when he is sober and when he is drunk; he just has more guts to voice it out. How many of us think that we are manipulative enough to command the world according to our wishes? What we often don’t see is the thing that commands respect, fear and hesitation.

I’m not a typical good girl myself, I guess. I talk shit too, in front of a typical guy. No, I think at those moments, I just become a typical girl. Predictable, forgettable. Who starts the typical conversation? The typical guy, or a girl who may be mirroring a typical guy?

Btw guys, it’s not about you being typical men; nor my social experiment and natural interest in the workings of the human species. It can be an invitation to be atypical