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reincarnation and past lives

how many lives do you want to live?

8 Fold Fats, that’s what I remember about Buddhism in high school. I just realized how we are never trained to regard other beliefs. Back then, it was but hilarious.

I am not really a Buddhist yet my being into this world-connection thing has lead me to people who are into the depths of religiosity. They tell me that I am such an old soul, seeking liberation at an early age. Something I love to believe.

Exuding wisdom (or appearing to be) boosts my ego – ironic! It’s like, “credit that to my great mind and observance, dude!” But this reincarnation idea, it generates humility and protects from vanity.

What if, the things I know and even the capacity to this knowing, is not merely a result of my reading? What if the good fortunes are a result of my previous self, whoever that “self” is? What if I just happened to be old, while others are young despite their number of years?

I have but none. I surrender to the laws of nature.