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Can love and holding back coexist? I was having a conversation with Kaye, both of us mastering the art of holding back, for the benefit of a focused career life. Aby told me that once you have a good career, you probably won’t have good love bugs. Andre said it’s always a trade-off.

I believe otherwise, I hope.

I came upon this through Mars“My God, these folks don’t know how to love — that’s why they love so easily,” (Lawrence). I guess everyone has gone through a phase of giving everything he can. Up to the point of giving in and giving up what gets in the way of “the priority.”

Until one day, we realize that we can’t afford it all the time. Cupid strikes and let the poison crawl through our veins? Not anymore, at least not now. Self-love is learned (which according to Whitney Houston is the greatest love of all).

If love needs that much discernment and goodwill, why love quickly? Why can’t we master holding back, proper timing and right targeting? Or making the self prepared for that moment? Or should we simply be aware that this is not yet love, that we are practicing, learning and living (aka playing around)? Perhaps mastery is to those who understand balance.