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For a moment there, I wanted to love you.
Should I be glad for reminders not to?

Why do you decide to love someone?

– because of the ecstatic feeling you can’t control
– because of the kind of person that you become when with him
– because of the kind of person that he is
– because of the kind of person that he becomes when he’s with you
– because you can do something for him, to change him
– because of the sense of security, comfort, trust and belongingness
– because he has proven himself worthy of you
– because you know you can conquer him
– because of what a perfect couple you would be and all the world must drool
– because no one has ever known and treated you that way before
– because you can make great things possible together
– because nobody’s better than him
– because he alone accepts you for who you are
– because he is a means towards something else
– because of a calling
– because, why not?

Share it. Why do you decide to love someone? 

reason for love

do you decide or are you a victim of love?

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