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Have you ever wholesomely made friends with someone you like? You’ve got chemistry and this person simply gets you. He’s interesting and his self-revelations are an invitation to a whole other world.

But then, something gets in the way. Attraction. You wanna know this other person but every time you see him your body can’t help but shiver, your heart beats faster and then you bat your eyelashes nonstop. Never mind flashing your best smile and laughing the sweet child-like laugh of Serena van der Woodsen, as if you’re full of innocence and have never been hurt before. Or you can play “the interrogator” and probe deep into his fears and weaknesses, never running out of plans and counter-attacks like Blair Waldorf. Whoever you may be, you’re in for the catch. The sparks got its hold on you. What are sparks? Arousal.

attraction or connection?

What have you? The borderline is magic.

I’m not one who champions the distinction between body-and-soul. But frustratingly, the flesh sometimes oftentimes gets in the way; the souls are short of meeting each other in their purest unadulterated form. When in that moment of good conversation, you stop talking and just start kissing. And you know the nature of that kiss.

Has attraction ever gotten in your way?