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In the coming of 2012, I vowed not to underprice myself. I’ve always been forward, straightforward, aggressive, resolute in getting what I want. To the point of leaving no self-preservation (well, not really).

I’ve always been the one who reaches out, who makes herself very transparent (because I don’t believe that humans have much guessing to do), I’m confrontational and I say things that people don’t expect to hear (at least that’s what Haze said). If I say it, I mean it (to the best of my consciousness). If I don’t, don’t assume.

But this year, I want to see investment. I want to feel that I’m worth risking for. I want to be offered crazy unconditional love.

On the other end, Haze has vowed not to overprice this year! “The first time I’m willing to love someone without guarantees of being loved back.” To let down her guard and to take a risk.

How funny can life get? I learned from Haze, she learned from me. The differences that once caused tension between us, in the end, have helped each find her balance. What’s the more noble way to live? Who can tell.

how to find balance, trial and error

error is so part of it

Continue gliding through the spectrum. Eventually, we wish, you’ll find balance.

What’s your new year’s resolution, by the way? Don’t be stubborn, I’m sure you reflected on your life, unless you gave up on change! 😀