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Last week was full of stories about love — a relationship announced, a 5-year relationship that has ended, and one that may or may not take off after a dramatic! risk (one that I was too shocked to digest quickly). 

Three girls, three stories, three themes, three days. Girl A is entering a relationship that may be lacking love, or so she says. In a way, it’s her dream to be a brat-girlfriend (watching too much korean series, I think).

Girl B doesn’t know how she’d react when she and her boyfriend (or ex) talk. “I’ll just tell him, ‘Talk to my lawyer, she’ll tell you everything.” She has been dependent on more mature people most of her life. She’s broken, but I think it’s about time… that she grows [outside of the relationship], for a change, to explore another dimension.

What’s most interesting was the phone call from Girl C. “I called to affirm you that what you do is appreciated. It’s when you opened up to me about two years ago. Yes, it takes a while to be appreciated. It’s not something that everyone does.” She did something great, something I didn’t anticipate this soon. The “great” thing she did is free from my judgment; rather, it’s her decision to take a leap of faith, a giving without attachments, pure in form. Her words still arrest me. They warm and touch me. I’m still surprised every time. I remember when I felt giving up part of a dream, she wrote, “For me, social relevance has a LOT to do with heart, with letting people grow, with challenging guarded people to risk their heart once in a while— and thats an area [where you don’t fall short]. I’m just happy she has stepped out of a shadow.

To the three girls… no matter how the story goes, nothing stops us from exploring  and knowing ourselves better in every step. Right or wrong.