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January has ended. Have you broken your new year’s resolution? Don’t give up just yet. 

Remember that you will always slide, slack off and give in to temptations. It’s not the end, but a continuous process. Change did not happen on new year’s eve. It is happening every moment every day.

Last year, I made a score sheet for all my resolutions. Drink alcohol only 20 times the whole year, eat pork/beef/chicken only 10 times per month, go to bed before 10 pm, don’t be late, finish a book, learn a new skill… Every accomplishment and failure tallied.

As the months passed, I adjusted towards more “realistic” targets. And by the end of April, I completely junked the score sheet after a long vacation where I broke everything. It was a good exercise after all.

The problem is, resolutions are normally  unrealistic and lacks planning. Why not do it gradually — 40 cigarettes per day, down to 30, to 20, 10… Lose 1 pound per month. Set special dates when you would indulge in a huge chocolate cake to avoid feelings of over-deprivation. At least every month, evaluate yourself and keep going.

Now start again and don’t wait for another NEW year for a shot at self-improvement. You owe it to yourself.