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#1) If you care enough to throw shit at people, please care enough to do something.

I can’t believe I had to add somebody on Facebook just to be able to comment on this photo.

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The President's Incompetence?

I’m not a big fan of our president. So I’m cool about people criticizing him. But something about this comment sparked my fuse.

And everything else to that effect. All stupid criticisms.

Okay, maybe I’m not seeing some things. That those people are actually working towards something awesome, or at least living a decent happy life (which, I think is all that people really ought to do). Maybe I just can’t take a joke.

But this attitude is exactly what pulls us down: betrayal — making Philippines a laughing stock in front of outsiders just so we’re not one of those stupid Filipinos; and throwing criticisms and not working on a solution. I’m not saying that people should all work in NGO’s or the government, or setting up social enterprises. All I’m saying is, if you care enough to throw shit at people, please care enough to do something. 

#2) Mind sharing what you work for? 

My experience with government  agencies has mostly been contrary to the general public’s impression. People have been helpful, at the very least.

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So I deserve a nap, too

So it’s disheartening to have this photo circulating without at least attesting to the contrary. Yes, this photo holds true especially in old, huge bureaus (that’s according to my friend who worked in one of the biggest agencies). Just like in any company, right? My friends in the private sector could confirm that as well.

But for some people I personally know (many of whom are batchmates in high school), it would do no justice to just shut up.

These people are very well aware of the problems plaguing the country — having different focuses but with the same dream for a healthier country. These are people who are in government not because it’s the only vacancy, but because it is a choice.

How about our critics? Mind sharing what you work for?