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I was smiling on my way home not because of joy, but because my series of unfortunate events have gone from depressing to comical.

I don’t know if I’m merely a victim of circumstances or something really wrong is going on inside my head. And I ought to know.

First, lose P22,000 and accept that people may think you stole it. Focus on getting things done, not knowing that relationships are compromised, and get talked behind your back. Get “bullied” and realize how unprofessional that is after 24 hours. Find out that you’re being investigated for mis-coordination for not knowing better ahead, without being asked of your side. Maybe it was a mis-communication. Story going around with 3 keywords: drunk, 1 am, conflict-affected area. Serve as bad example to your colleagues and be told “it doesn’t matter whether that’s true or not.” Be a pain in the ass for some simple logistical matter. All in 1 month. Good job, kara. 

There may be lapses in my memory, my ability to perceive reality, the root cause of my fear of insanity. We ought to find out the truth, don’t we? Simply ignoring injustice is in itself injustice.

If you don’t know truth, you don’t know love. Where’s the love y’all? 


Note: Hope this doesn’t stem out to more, it may seem exaggerated, but please, i can only handle so much.