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Looks like I’m not the only one. Khai has her own version of the “curse” — being left hanging, like 3 in a row (sorry Khai, I hope you don’t mind). Clowns, they never fail to make us ‘laugh’ in this joke of a life.

Sorry mister, I’m still posting. Fortunately, this won’t be as heavy as it first came off. You have an amazing calming effect on me.

To show you the curse-slash-pattern, here’s First Love, Old Man, and Young Boy, for the most part. Because there still are Mr. The Bar and Mr. YinYang.

I’m pretty sure I behaved. I wasn’t playing charming nor was I playing nice. Then a man sat next to me, never thinking that I could find such a one at the borders of the archipelago.

Few stolen moments, from the highest point of the island to the remotest beach. I saw nothing but the stars and passing ships. We spotted Orion, the only constellation I remember from a science camp in grade school (which is also the only one he knows). Few stolen moments, from buying banana for monkeys and grabbing ice cream.

In his coming here, I don’t wanna steal any more moments.. from his girlfriend.

I’m scared. That this unmistakable pattern is turning into an addiction. Nothing lasts longer than summer; as if summer is all made for me. I’m becoming the master of paradise-relationships and my vaccine for attachment rising (I’m bluffing).

I’m sad. That I’m only good for the waiting list. Is this all I could attract?

This quarter alone, 2 dear friends found refuge in my house. 5 years of great relationship, broken in less than a month. So what do I do now?

There’s no point I’m making, just check out that Summer Reminder right there (—>) I’m not the fun girl, by the way.

What’s your pattern?