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I found a scratch paper inserted in my notebook, think I wrote it while leaving on a plane. Kash told me I haven’t updated the blog for a while, that’s because the Chickenshit Lover that I was is no longer. Thanks Dennis, please don’t find this poem sick, I like it for its literary value, if any at all. 

Hey Charlie 

This is not a 10-things-I-hate-about-you sort of thing
But I’ll start with hating you
Because I hate it when you saw me off the airport and disappeared after 3 seconds
Then you did the same when you saw me off before another flight, last night.

I hate that every time we’d meet, I was always full of expectations
But that simply means time together and knowing each other
Wasn’t that why we would meet?
But all you ever gave me was 3 seconds.

I hate how you put me at the backseat
And you’re surprised that I’m suddenly upset
But the backseat was probably where I fell,
I fell off at the backseat.

Love, lust, or the in-between
I hate that I was in-between
And made you say ‘sorry’ so many times
For making me upset.

I honestly don’t know why you still came by last night
3 seconds, hello-bye.