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There was a boy who met a girl… 

… so that’s how Den wanted me to start telling this story, if indeed this is already a story.

We met on the 16th of May after a peacebuilding mission on a mountain (to gloss things up a bit), while looking at this view, posted immediately on Facebook with the following caption:

the stranger who called it "rain"

the stranger who called it “rain” (photo by Joser Dumbrique)

A stranger… That stranger came to Manila 15 days after having dinner and 4 bottles of beer with me. A stranger who claimed to have fallen in love. Who in her right mind would buy that?

He had a plan, and a number of backup plans. He said he was sure, I believed despite my doubts, but my doubts were apparently right (men!).

Four bottles of beer and he wanted to marry me. We met again a few days later, him in his mask of certainty. At the back of his mind, “10 days might just be too much.”  

Then 10 days stretched into what seemed like forever. Both anticipating the worst, the best was yet to come.

Yes we started off quite foolishly, but maybe gratitude brews foolishness into grace. Maybe he was sure after all. While I thank the mask of certainty.