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My boyfriend is busy and last night we talked about wives of military men failing to understand the nature of their work. I’m careful not to be the clingy, dependent demanding girlfriend. But on this day when the rain hasn’t stopped for more than a week now and work has been suspended because streets are flooded, I feel especially lonely.

I’ve been sitting for hours on the makeshift bed on the floor, saving my single-served breakfast to last for dinner, and thinking if I could pull off a quick exercise. Just glad that I have hot water, tea and crackers. When I ran out of drinking water, the delivery man came instantly, soaked in the rain.

Early this morning, Winnie Cordero had some tips on TV on what to bring in times like this to avoid trauma – a magazine… to keep one busy and free from appreciating the gravity of the situation. Why do we run away from the “void” and train ourselves to be shallow. I’d still prefer the sound of the rain over MTV.