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A few months ago, it was unimaginable. To take photos of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF) of the MILF. These photos were taken during the Grand Kanduli, a thanksgiving celebration for the possibility of peace, which I happened to witness yesterday in Maguindanao.

Learning about what went behind the preparations makes it 10x more of what it already is. I thank all the people who made it happen, people who think outside the box, and understand justice, imposition and trust.

To everyone who stand for peace, you are a gift of god.

Scout Rangers, Armed forces of the philippines

Scout Rangers 

Scout Rangers, Armed forces of the philippines

And Mister Army joined us 😀

BIAF, Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces, MILF, Moro Islamic Liberation Front

600 of them

It was not a show of force. It was a show of slowly building trust.

I regret that I didn’t see the Army and the BIAF eating together, armed, but only eating.