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When I ask, “Beer or McDo?”

She would answer, “Depends on what you need: Beer or McDo?”

In Centrale, we get booze and entertainment. At Beer Belly, we take on brokenness.

Centrale Boni Mandaluyong


In McDo, we assemble for trips or get ice cream and fries.

The mountains and rivers and wilderness, we cross.

Amansinaya Mountain Resort Day Hike Trek to Ambon-ambon Falls

Trek to Ambon-Ambon Falls, Laurel, Batangas

To have someone to slide down the “mud” with, though it might not be all too conventional,

Mudslide, Pugad Lawin, Laurel, Batangas, Amansinaya

Mudslide, with no mud in it

To break some sweat with, in public, where embarrassments are thrown behind,

Quantum, Starmall

Quantum, Starmall

To discover and appreciate the unknown with…

Along Taal Lake

Prinzel Garcia, playing along Taal Lake

Is a great gift. 

She’s not my bestfriend, there’s a lot of pressure in that.