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When she was 18, Zee ended her 4-year relationship because M couldn’t make time for her – he was busy working and couldn’t decline drinking sessions with his friends. For four months, he kept saying he’ll make it up to her. Until Zee got tired.

Kay has given pseudo-boyfriend Jay time to think things thru. He didn’t want to be unfair, making Kay wait and understand that he’s a busy man. He thought being busy was enough reason to end everything and come clean and fair.

AJ used to not have time for Bee for playing video games. It was okay with her, they were little after all and he deserved time to enjoy with his friends. Then AJ got a job, Bee was waiting for hers. AJ didn’t have time then Bee committed a terrible mistake. She was forgiven as it was not that terrible. Then they both became busy. AJ didn’t have time for Bee, yet he had time for Ox, a new girl — a terrible mistake that broke them forever.

“I’m busy” is okay until it becomes the very reason and a convenient excuse for disconnection and growing apart.

All we want is quality conversation, which doesn’t even have to be intelligent all the time.
We don’t even need 180 minutes. We just need 10 minutes of full attention, 10 full minutes for reconnection.