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If I would die between 10 and 11:20 tonight on my way to starting a new life, I would die a happy woman.

– I have nearly closed the loops of my friendships, and each will have an ever stronger support system because life is hard.

– Kash has learned to become more compassionate and that prayers always come with action.

– Aziel now wears shorts, w/o care what people will say about her legs.

– Prinzel will remember how she ferried a friend to survival and renewal.

– Despite losing her little boy, Lanie remains strong, loving and purehearted. Everyone must learn from her “growing up with grace.”

– Abegail will realize that life is short and start pursuing freedom.

– Khai will teach herself that being alone is totally fine and enjoyable sometimes.

– Helen will not read diaries anymore hahaha

– Katy will still be like Pooh.

– Rhea will be ever more comfortable with her mal-adjustments because she’s one of the wisest I know. She’ll love herself more and assert what she deserves.

– Anj will know that I treasure every moment she stood up for me.

– My family knows I die on my way back to them 🙂

– And Dennis will go on find the best woman for him, one who has true “soldier-wife skills.” He’ll also know that he would be the last man I loved.

Truly, the universe never runs out of support systems.