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To survive and flourish, an individual must always be part of a community. But when she ceases to be an individual, she loses altogether the capacity to form and build a community.

The big question was whether to stay in the big boat of public service and social change (assuming I didnt have a huge heart break to deal with), and lose my individuality; or to get off and yet again find my calm — an ever difficult situation that people with passion (obsession/frustration) for a better world face from time to time (that was the same dilemma that lead to the creation of this blog — “This is your battle, and yours alone”).

Your individuality is your creativity, your freedom to make real your craft.

My symptom of losing individuality: I became the center of my own world.

Everything I did had become about survival and how to avoid more pain. It had nothing to do with my vision, with creativity, with finding a real problem and crafting a real solution.

I must admit, individuality still hasn’t taken center stage. But knowing where it is not opened up doors that may lead there.

I am now working in the call center industry, something I thought I would never do (no offense meant). But here I am, having fun, being challenged, and looking forward to potential growth.

We will see.