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You said you won’t abandon me like they did, and you’d just pinch my ears instead. But now is the time to let every ounce of hope go, so we can be happy in our own universe. Because the planet you’ve gone to, there is no ride home.

You’re not coming back.

I drown every waking moment into slumber. But in slumber, you’re all I see. I wake up only to the most striking pain in the chest. Do you also think of me?

I get up and tell myself, you’re never coming back.

At my lowest, I wish I can just hold your hand. Wherever I walk, I see you walking with me, towards me, around me. I hear the music of your keys bouncing with every step. Your face gets clearer as you come near.

Your eyes of infinite depth and future; high-bridged nose and dry lips as I last saw them; your hair of exquisite mess; The shirt fitted well on your chest; low-rise jeans and the hole on your pocket, and the bottom one-and-a-half inch fold.

No matter how I conjure your image,
You’re still never coming back.

I remember every single thing that made us amazing.
I remember every single promise that we made.
I will always remember the battle we’ve never won.
Why did you leave without a word?

I know now that you are never ever coming back.