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There’s a song for everything.

I said let’s start with head over feet and then ironic.
But you said ironic should go first so it goes:

It’s traffic jam, when you’re already late. It’s meeting the man of your dreams… isn’t it ironic? You treat me like I’m a princess, you’re my best friend…

When I’m mad, you sing mardy bum; in calm and quiet, you’re stuck on the puzzle just like those smitten first days. When we prepare ourselves, you sing La la la la la la I swear I’ll never be happy again! Is this really happening?

I didn’t know we should have taken Pink and Nate seriously. Just give me a reason, why did you vanish like a murderer, Mr. duplicity? Are you thinking of me in the middle of dinner?

Most of the time, when I remember you, I just put my hands in my pocket because we lived, we learned. We loved. I still hope we’ll be coming back, are we? But please, please don’t make me sing for 25 minutes.