So many people get trapped with the wrong person. They think that “getting to know” means knowing his favorite food, sports, or to meet his family, or if you know what his fart smells like.

You should also get to know his issues — can he restore and heal himself? Can you help him? How does he cope with his problems: does he drink, or does he look for a solution? When you fight, does he have violent tendencies? When he falls, how fast does he get back to his feet? Which among his traits are merely due to his upbringing, and which ones did he freely choose? When he says “sorry,” does it mean he’ll never do it again, or just some ten times more? Does he see you as his equal, inferior, or could be superior?

When you truly get to know him, then ask yourself, “Do I want this?” For the things you don’t like, “Can I live with these?”

Don’t get yourself trapped.