It all started with a stranger and a birthday wish…

When Hey Artist was a few days old, a stranger messaged me on Facebook, asking if I was an artist. After I gave a very profound reply about how I want to redefine what it means to be an artist, he said, “What I mean is, I am wondering if you could help me. I have a wish. I want to paint a wall on my birthday. But I don’t have paint, and I don’t have a wall…” After considering my neighbors’ walls, I offered my gate to Egon Layson. And the rest is history.

Street Art: Private or Public? It doesn’t matter.

Hey Artist is out to transform communities into a STREET GALLERY! Starting with one home, one street, one town, one city….. aaahhwoooo!!


Open up kids (and adults) to creativity. Let’s not be box and brown. Open up the private for the public. Blur the lines that separate us all.

Express home personality with the touch of art — this is a collaboration among skilled artists, and artists of all kinds :p  

Art for the community, by the community. Call this project whatever you like.

And watch as art crawl into your homes 


If you want to share your creativity and organize wall painting in your community (or at your own house!), email me at to request for collaboration in Google Map.

9 thoughts on “Project: KALSADA GALERIA”

  1. I love it!

  2. what an awesome project!

  3. Wow! 🙂

  4. lapiskamay said:

    wow that’s one great vision! Hey, you really are an artist. Can’t wait to go home and do the same thing at home. I’m also starting to paint, although my Dad’s been doing it before I was even born, so it would be a collaboration of two generations
    Great job!

    • hey Lester! why don’t you take a video of that too!? i was even thinking maybe we can help :p but you know, i wasn’t the painter, so will have to ask about his availability, if ever. but anyway, you and your dad can surely handle it, see if you can let kids help as well, you’ll be surprised how fun it can be.

      when are you planning to paint? and where are you based by the way?

  5. lapiskamay said:

    I still have to talk to my father if he’s ok with it, ^_^ I’ll show ’em the video.

    about May uwi nako sa Southern Leyte, taga dun ako, but i’m Cebu based when it comes to work, although I’m still assigned here in Boracay for the meantime.

  6. Hey, that’s near CMSHS! 🙂

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