We are craftsmen



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What is your art? It amuses me to hear people say they don’t have any talent or that they’re not good in anything.

“Care of the Soul requires craft.

To live with a high degree of artfulness
means to attend to the small things
that keep the soul engaged in whatever we are doing
And it is the very heart of soul-making.”

Art, as language of the soul, nurtures the soul.
Thus it should be in our every day. 

“The fine arts are elevated and set apart from life,
becoming too precious and therefore irrelevant.
Having banished art to the museum,
we fail to give it a place in ordinary life.”

My art is in people. I like seeing them grow and I’m a believer of change and progress. Seeing through and being seen, that’s when I am most connected to the world, in my very sense of destiny. People when they bloom, for me is the most beautiful that art has ever known.

Art that is not contained in movement, in rhythm, in color, texture and shape, in emotions and still moments — what is your art?

This is what Hey Artist is all about. Focus on your craft, enrich your talent, nurture your soul, and work out your own salvation.

Home is not a place

Did you get to read my post, “There’s a place for healing,” which I wrote shortly after moving out of the city? Just to summarize, that move was because I needed some help dealing with depression.

Three years later, here I am spending a month in my hometown, facing the horrors that pulled the trigger – pollution, congestion, traffic, and majority of the population that just don’t give a damn.

To my surprise, I felt at home. In place of awkward moments that I anticipated from people I had never seen since, are warm hugs of welcome. People still walk crazy fast, and I was walking at their pace because “I don’t want to be in the way” of somebody who’s catching up with whatever, yet I kept a certain calm within. To be honest, I see people in a more caring light. Maybe it was just my disturbed soul then that zoomed in on the ugliness of the environment. And now that I am calm…

I would have wanted this ending: Now that I am calm, I am no longer limited to only one home, I am home wherever I am. Home is not a place, but a state of being.

But in my remaining days, I’ve been having dreams of my boyfriend, my parents, my dog Lucas running by the fish pond. I cannot live without the ocean breeze, the huge starry sky while I drink milk; nor can I live without the dozen different sounds of birds that my dad feeds every afternoon, birds that sometimes share in our kitchen; nor my mom’s orchids and guava trees. I cannot be away from the waterfalls and the mountaintops.

I am still a big-city misfit.
That’s undeniably my nature.
And that’s fine to embrace.


From the other side of “healing,” here’s a friend’s piece: Prinzel, my friend

What do you do?


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I learned in early years that when asked, “What do you do?” one better talk not about his job (cashier, waitress, businessman, teacher, artist), but about what he lives to do.

I inspire. I empower. I create opportunities. I seek truths.

In my recent couple of years, I found myself with a simpler answer when somebody asked me, “What do you do?”

What am I doing? What have I been doing?



Making love with the Universe

Confusions of a russian doll


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I was rather confused this early afternoon.
Didn’t know if i was lost or was just wandering
If i was lonely or just free
If i felt insufficient or just fine with walking away
If i was easily replaceable or a regrettable miss
If i was desired only as a crown or was just a well-packaged fraud
If i was chaos or just an intricate poem
If i was disillusionment or just a russion doll,

“Pursuit of Loneliness”


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My fellow bloggers, please excuse this post that may not be in the language that you comprehend. I shall try to add a translation afterwards.

Isang panibagong kabanata sa notebook na nakasaksi ng lahat. Hindi ko akalaing nakasulat pala dito ang lahat ng naramdaman ko at ang lahat (halos) ng nangyari sa ating dalawa. Patuloy kong napapatunayan na handa naman pala talaga ako para sa ganitong paghihiwalay. 

Kaya ngayong wala ka na (talaga), sinusubukan kong buksan muli ang aking sarili  na tanawin ang mundo nang may kasama. Hindi, hindi katulad ng sabay nating pagtanaw. Hindi ko alam kung may makakapantay pa noon. 

itong simpleng sabay-na-pagtanaw na nagtulak sa aking magsulat ng tungkol sa “Pursuit of Loneliness” sa Tagalog (Filipino). Walang papantay sa pag-intindi mo sa bawat tula, thesis, at bawat kaliit-liitang salita na sabihin ko man o hindi ay naiintindihan mo pa rin.

Pero ang piyesang ito ay hindi talaga tungkol sa’yo.

Ito ay tungkol, muli, sa pursuit of loneliness. Pasensya na kung mahaba ito kaysa sa inaasahan ko. Kung kumpara sa inaasahan mo, hindi ko alam kasi hindi ko naman alam ang inaasahan mo. At sa totoo lang, hindi ko alam kung anong ipupunto ko. Pero higit sa punto, siguro ay mas mahalaga ang madahang palitan natin ng mga salita, na sa tingin ko, kung aaminin natin ay nagkukulong sa ating kabaliwan at pagiging kakaiba sa loob ng isang ligtas na hangganan. Ang pagkukulong na ito ay hindi iyong nanggagapos ha, kundi ‘yong nakakapagpalaya (the safe borders of insanity).

Sana naiintindihan mo pa hanggang dito. Hindi ko rin kasi sigurado kung naiintindihan ko pa ang sinusulat ko, o baka naman imahinasyon ko lang ang lahat ng ito. At alam ko, tulad ng sabi mo, na hindi ka sigurado kung gusto mo nga ba akong/itong maintindihan. Walang problema. Hangga’t totoo ka ay magiliw akong makikipagpalitan ng mga salita kasama ka. 

At tungkol saan na nga ba ulit ang “pursuit of loneliness?

Sabi mo tungkol ito sa batas ng kalikasan kung saan itinutulak tayo sa mga bagay na hindi naman para sa atin — ‘yong tinatawag mong mga bagay na dapat-wala pero nagmemeron. Na kung sa kalayaan ay kukunin mo, iiwan ka nito sa pag-iisa. Kakambal ng kalayaan ang pag-iisa. Sa madaling sabi, kung nais mong maging malaya, dapat handa kang mag-isa. 

Gusto ko pa sanang dagdagan, pero sa tingin ko, kailangan muna natin ulit magpalitan ng mga salita 🙂